praise 4 eastward =>>

"Kiss me quick! We're all dying"


"The result feels earthbound yet another dimension creeping in all at the same time."
American Pancake

"A marvelling de-railed display of pop-ambidextrous."
Rolling Stone 

"The man knows his way around a guitar, and has put it to good use throughout."

"Laurie Came Home sees the multi-talented solo artist push his sonic boundaries to create something truly special"
Tone Deaf

"An interesting blend of acoustic and electronic music that will almost certainly captivate you.
Purple Sneakers

“An interesting little menagerie of sounds and textures.”
Dom Alessio -Triple J

"Thank you Dr E. Kollisch. Thank you Eastward. What a beautiful, enlightening headfuck this is"          Wild-n-Free

"Who needs lyrics when you create shimmering tracks like this. Repeat, Old Green Thumb, Repeat"
​Sound Proof Kennel